Friday, April 8, 2016

FragMENTAL digs – Collector of the Invisible #1

Collector of the Invisible Number #1
Digital artwork series “Collector of the Invisible Number #1”.

Combination of fragments cut/torn from older paintings, incorporating digital photographs from my Urban Abstract series to be scanned then finally using software ACDSee photo editor tool to achieve the above image.

Completed in approximately two hours. Not sure where this is taking me, but feel am embarking on a new journey.

Enter The Abyss #1 

Next move will see how these print on archival paper and take to framers…. depending on how large these can print… ideally 18 x18 inches in a boxed frame and prints floating rather than matted is how I see them at there best.

The images above were also done on the same evening with the music by Frederic Chopin playing in the background.

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