Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ancient Traveler #1 & #2 - Digital Artwork - Music by Carlos Nakai "Earth Spirit"

Ancient Traveler #1

Combining torn paintings, drawing, collage and tweaking with digital software the use of a scanner and with the music of Carlos Nakai playing in the background, Ancient Traveler #1 and #2 came about from a starting point of a blank page/screen so to speak.

Just allow the eye, hand and ear to trust ones gained skills and you will make the invisible, visible.

When teaching I used to say to my students learn all you can regarding the making of art... then throw it all out the window. And by way of working honestly, magically like an alchemist maybe a perfect certain object/image will be created.

Ancient Traveler #2

Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit Wonderful music and images on this video.

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